My No.1 Value Stock for 2018

With 217% earnings growth and a 12 P/E,
this is one stock that’s set to soar

Fellow Investor,

Take a close look at the big money players below… because they’re about to hand you a windfall.

Together, they have backed up the truck on this discount retailer to the tune of nearly $1 billion.

Report: The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018

Why so much—and in a discount retailer?

Because they see, as we do, this company not only repeating last quarter’s 217% earnings growth but also matching Weight Watchers’ stellar 2017 389% gains.

You need only look at the company’s four positive earnings surprises in a row, winning business model, and 12 P/E to begin to see what the big money sees: an incredible value play that’s set to triple your money in 2018.

Why 2018 Will Be a Great Year for Our Value Stocks

I’m Hilary Kramer.

I’m the founder and chief technology analyst at Kramer Capital Research.

I specialize in spotting undervalued stocks like Weight Watchers for the readers of my investment advisory, Value Authority.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how you can learn the name of my No. 1 pick—along with four others—and gain the chance to turn $10,000 into $30,000 or more in 2018 by adding them to your holdings now.

But first, let me explain why 2018 will be a great year for our value stocks.

With the stock market at all-time highs, stocks have rarely been this expensive. According to Goldman Sachs, stocks have been more expensive only 11% of the time over the past 40 years.

It’s no wonder.

In just 12 months the Dow has jumped from 19,827 to over 26,000—the fastest rise on record!

With unemployment at just 4.2%, inflation virtually nonexistent, and the U.S. tax cuts about to put billions of dollars back into American wallets and corporate coffers, the market has even more room to grow, too.

But the big money won’t be made in growth stocks; instead, it will be in a number of select value plays.

Here’s why…

For the past eight years, as the markets rose, hedge funds and institutional investors accepted higher multiples as momentum pushed prices even higher.

Not for much longer.

As one analyst at Goldman Sachs puts it, “Elevated valuations suggest low long-term returns.”

This is why value plays like Weight Watchers jumped 389% last year as tech stocks have slowed… and why institutional investors and hedge fund managers are now looking at value stocks with low P/E ratios and incredible fundamentals that have yet to have their run.

Why My No. 1 Value Stock Could Triple
Weight Watchers’ 389% Gains Last Year

Just like Weight Watchers, this company is also riding the wave of unstoppable earnings growth.

But unlike Weight Watchers, which profits in the diet sector, this company is making money hand over fist in the discount retail sector.

This is why the world’s biggest institutional investors have been adding it to their holdings—and for one good reason.

The retail apocalypse has been very, very good for it.

Unlike high-end retail, where shoppers go into a store and then buy online, discount retailing has a much different dynamic.

Discounters already offer the cheapest prices, so buying at Amazon isn’t going to bring it to you any cheaper. This is how the company grew its quarterly earnings 217%, while Macy’s, J.C. Penny, and Sears shuttered hundreds of stores around the country last year.

This is also why the company opened 140 stores last year while moving its poorer performers to better locations—all as it continues to expand its online operations.

So it’s no surprise the stock is zooming past all of the indexes—up 22% in the past six months—not only beating the indexes by as much as 70% but also beating the FANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google) by as much as 100%!

This is why Wall Street’s biggest institutional investors have gone all in to the tune of $1 billion.

They’re not the only ones that see another Weight Watchers in the making; 13 top analysts do as well, raising their earnings expectations not only for 2018 but also for 2019.

Report: The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018Here’s the best part:

Nobody in the financial media is talking about this company. The only investments they are writing about are marijuana stocks and bitcoin.

After all, they’re much better stories to sell advertising than one small discount retailer that’s generating 217% earnings growth.

So it’s completely off the radar… along with the tidal wave of money it’s attracting from big-money players like Blackrock and State Street.

The only reason I know about it is because I've been a Wall Street insider for the past 30 years.

Because I’m in direct contact with the key players on Wall Street, I can tell you with unparalleled certainty that this is THE COMPANY they are targeting for triple-digit gains in 2018.

In order to help you get in on the ground floor, I've put together a special report titled The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018 that will give you all the details on this company, plus four other value stocks we are targeting for double- and triple-digit gains.

This report is yours, absolutely free. All I ask is that you give my investment research advisory service, Value Authority, a risk-free try.

If you like buying undervalued stocks for quick profits, you won’t be disappointed.

You’re automatically guaranteed 10 double-digit winners in 12 months, so you’ll come out a winner no matter what!

That’s our sole mission here at Value Authority: to get you in early, on the ground floor of undervalued companies… before Wall Street takes notice and their prices jump.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • +37.08% Everest Re Group
  • +34.06% Rocky Brands
  • +33.04% St. Jude Medical
  • +32.61% Rocky Brands
  • +25.96% Goldman Sachs
  • +21.66% Check Point
  • +20.29% Zimmer Biomet
  • +18.69% National Healthcare
  • +17.72% Cisco Systems
  • +17.55% Cooper Tire and Rubber
  • +17.08% TEGNA
  • +16.02% Ingredion
  • +14.99% CSS Industries
  • +13.97% PAREXEL International
  • +13.51% Johnson & Johnson
  • +13.50% Scholastic
  • +13.38% Crane
  • +13.36% St. Jude Medical
  • +13.26% ABB
  • +12.85% UFP Technologies
  • +12.77% Selective Insurance
  • +12.67% J.M. Smucker
  • +12.65% Qualcomm
  • +12.44% Honeywell
  • +12.40% Miller Industries
  • +12.14% Citigroup
  • +12.09% Innospec
  • +11.85% Sanmina
  • +11.85% ABM Industries
  • +11.83% Genesco
  • +11.67% 3M
  • +11.43% Carnival Corp.
  • +11.34% Foot Locker
  • +11.05% Public Service Etrp. Grp.
  • +10.64% Flushing Financial
  • +10.52% Dollar General
  • +10.29% Rockwell Automation
  • +10.10% Teradata

And in each of these cases, you could have bagged those profits in a few months or, in some cases, just a few weeks.

Economic ForecastMy money-back guarantee promises just that!

And as proud as I am of these wins, I must admit, they pale in comparison with our newest recommendations—especially now that U.S. fund managers are hopping on the value bandwagon.

And it’s all because value stocks zoom when the economy is accelerating.

I've already told you about our No. 1 pick… a company that's about to see its stock price soar threefold.

That’s just the first of five value plays we see handing out double- and triple-digit gains in 2018.

I’ve included all the details in my 2018 profit forecast, The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018.

Again, the report is yours free… just for giving Value Authority a try.

Here’s a quick look at the rest of them.

That way you’ll see the kind of value opportunities we are targeting for double- and triple-digit returns and the kind of opportunities you’ll find each week in Value Authority.

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Report: The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018In addition, your free report will lay the foundation for every recommendation I will bring you in the months ahead… along with our philosophy of exploiting financially solid, undervalued stocks before the mainstream money sees the opportunity.

In each monthly issue, we will guide you to the most promising trading opportunities before they break out… before they become front-page news… and before Wall Street bids our holdings higher.

You’ll find nothing is easier.

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Again, The 5 Best Value Stocks for 2018 is yours absolutely free… just for giving Value Authority a try…

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Hilary Kramer
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