Dividend Crisis 2.0 Ahead

Read this urgent briefing now to
discover which stocks, REITs and ETFs are in trouble and
learn how to protect your income today.

By Louis Navellier

One year ago, I warned my readers of a coming dividend crisis, predicting that 2016 could be a very ugly year for a whole lot of dividend stocks.

Unfortunately, I was right. And now it looks like things are about to get much worse.

An incredible 659 companies cut or eliminated their dividends last year.

That’s about 1 out of every 5 dividend stocks slashing or completely eliminating their dividend!

That’s the highest number since the heat of the financial crisis in 2009.

What’s even more shocking is that it happening during a bull market that’s sending the market to new all-time highs…

93 companies cut or eliminated dividends in November.

162 announced cuts in December.

And another 47 in January.

All while the market soared.

And there has been no shortage of notable names on the list from a wide range of industries…

This rising stock market does NOT mean your dividend is safe. In fact, I think there’s a lot more trouble ahead.

That’s why today I’m warning you that…

The Second Wave of this Dividend Crisis
Is About to Come Crashing Down

I expect to see more pain ahead for investors who own the wrong dividend stocks.

For starters, I see more dividend cuts in the months ahead because of a huge problem no one is talking about…

Companies are paying shareholders at a record pace.

The total dividend payout for the trailing twelve months ending in the third quarter was an astounding $430.9 billion.

That was a 4.8% jump from the same period one year ago.

And it marked the largest total dividend payout ever on record.

The third quarter also marked the 11th straight quarter in which the trailing twelve-month dividend payout for the S&P 500 index hit a new high.

On the surface, companies paying out tons of money to shareholders sounds great, right?

But it actually masks a ticking time bomb within the dividend market right now…

These massive payouts simply aren’t sustainable.

According to FactSet, 44 companies currently have a payout ratio over 100%, meaning they paid shareholders more money than they actually brought in during the fourth quarter.

That’s a shocking number—the highest in a decade.

And it included household names—dividend stocks that tens of millions of American own—and think are safe—right now, including:

So on top of the 659 stocks that already cut or eliminated their dividends, we have another group of stocks—many of them widely held—paying out more than 100% of cash flow to dividends they really can’t afford.


The High Yield Bubble is
Already Starting to Pop

The second big reason a lot of investors are about to get burned is because they are chasing yield and ignoring fundamentals.

This low-rate environment is driving investors into high yield investments like REITs and MLPs. We’ll talk about those in just a minute, but first let’s look at high yield stocks.

A big yield can’t make up for huge losses in capital. And that’s exactly what’s happening to people who own stocks with weak fundamentals.

Just look at some of the high yield stocks that have been tanking…

GNC Holdings lured investors in with a hefty 10% yield and crashed 64% in 2016.

Teva Pharmaceutical’s 4% dividend doesn’t come close to making up for the stock’s 46% plunge.

Abercrombie & Fitch’s 7.9% yielding doesn’t come close to making up for a 55% stock loss.

And the list goes on and on…

H&R Block pays 4.2% but the stock dropped 28% stock loss.

Ericsson pays 7.8% but the stock plunged 36%.

Guess…7.3% yield and 31% stock loss.

There is simply no reason to sacrifice safety, give up growth and put your initial investment at risk in the search for dividends.

Fundamentals matter, and will be more important than ever in the months ahead.

So let me make the warning signs crystal clear.

We’re seeing dividend stocks trading at rich valuations as the market continues to hit all-time highs and investors chase yield…

We’re at all-time highs in terms of how much money companies are sending to shareholders—with an alarming number of companies exceeding a 100% payout ratio…

We’ve just seen more companies announce dividend cuts in a 12-month period than at any time since the financial crisis…

And many dividend stocks with weak fundamentals are handing investors big losses in capital.

This is a recipe for disaster for hundreds of dividend stocks in the months ahead.

And it’s especially dangerous if you count on safe, steady dividend income for retirement.

So let’s look at what you can do right now to protect yourself from the pain to come.

WARNING: Sell These
150 Dividend Stocks Now

When I first warned of the coming dividend crisis this time last year, I released a list of the dividend stocks that had failed my rigorous screening process.

That’s how I was able to help readers avoid many of the huge cuts we saw last year.

In that report I warned readers to sell Pilgrim Pride before it slashed its dividend by 52%.

I warned readers to sell Symantec before it cut its dividend in half…

To sell Luxottica before its 51% cut…

To sell The Blackstone Group before its 54% cut.

Kinder Morgan, PetroChina, and National Oilwell Varco were all on my dividend stocks to sell list before they cut dividends 54%, 60% and 89% respectively.

And the list goes on and on.

As we head into the next phase of this crisis, I’ve redoubled my efforts to make sure you own only the very strongest, safest dividend stocks available…

And made an important decision that my publisher doesn’t love, but I think you will.

I’ve decided to give you my latest list of 150 dividend stocks to sell now FREE.

You see, I’ve just completed my latest analysis, putting over 1,500 dividend stocks through my proprietary dividend stock rating tool, Dividend Grader.

And a shocking number of stocks received a failing F rating, including a surprising number of big-name dividend stocks you may own today.

I’m talking about bank stocks… consumer stocks… homebuilders… tech companies…energy companies…healthcare stocks…even supposedly safe utility stocks.

You couldn’t pay me enough to invest my family’s nest egg in any of these risky stocks.

And I don’t want you putting any of your money at risk either.

That’s why I’ve decided to give you my brand-new list of 150 F rated dividend stocks to sell now free of charge. (I’ll give you a private link to access it in just a moment.)

This hot off the presses report includes stocks that are at risk of cutting or eliminating their dividend.

It names dividend stocks that are at risk for big losses because of their weak fundamentals.

And it contains at least 50 dangerous income stocks that are usually considered safe like utilities, banks and consumer staples.

I urge you to get this special report with 150 F-rated dividend stocks immediately and make sure you don’t own a single one of these risky stocks.

Here’s some of what you’ll find:

There isn’t a sector out there today that is completely safe. And this report could spare you from serious shock, pain and significant losses as this dividend crisis unfolds in the months ahead.

It is a must-read if you own a single dividend-paying stock.

You’ll get 150 F-rated stocks to sell, along with a full page of my analysis and key data on each stock in my 2017 Dividend Stocks Guide.

Reading it now and making sure you don’t own a single one of these F- rated stocks is the #1 thing you can do today to protect yourself from this crisis as it continues to unfold.

Before I show you how to get instant access to your free copy, I want to be sure you understand that I’m not against dividend stocks. Quite the opposite in fact…

A Huge Opportunity in the Making

Powerful forces are driving a record number of investors and dollars into dividend paying stocks—and that won’t stop anytime soon.

One of those forces is plunging bond yields around the globe.

The world is drowning in debt trading at pitiful rates. A remarkable 74% of global bonds are trading at yields of less than 1%.

In that environment, we’re considered the world superstar even with measly bond rates that are barely enough to keep up with inflation.

And that has caused a massive, global flight to safety with United States bonds being the best game in town.

But beyond bonds, investors looking for yield are pouring money into dividend stocks where you can find 3%, 4%, even 5% yields that put global bond rates to shame.

And a one-two punch from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and President Trump may be about to throw fuel on the fire…

The Fed Adds Fuel to the Fire

As you know, on March 15 the Federal Reserve hiked rates again for the second time in three months. And in a more hawkish than normal statement, forecast two more increases this year.

Now, I’ve been skeptical of the Fed’s predictions about rate hikes in the past with good reason. Let’s remember that after the December 2015 hike, the Fed promised 3 more increases in 2016 and we only got one.

But Federal Reserve Chair Yellen sounded more hawkish than normal in testimony to Congress in February. And several Federal Reserve members have made statements supporting a series of rates hikes.

So let’s just say the Fed means business this time and does continue to raise rates in short order.

Popular wisdom says that rising rates are bad for dividend stocks, right?

But that couldn’t be more wrong.

In a rising rate environment, superior dividend paying stocks outperform market See for yourself…

chart: Dividend Performance After the Federal Reserve Increased Rates

So I’m not worried about this Fed hike hurting dividend stocks—especially the dividend growth stocks I’m going to share with you today.

I’ll be watching closely, but the jury is still very much out on what the Fed will actually do in the months ahead.

Janet Yellen has shown that she is a cautious Fed Chair, and she’s now dealing with an extremely volatile wild card—President Trump.

Get Ready for Trump vs. Yellen

In fact, one of the biggest pieces of President Trump's agenda could make the already devastating income crisis investors have suffered through even worse.

Trump has promised to spend massive amounts of money to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure. Both parties have consistently mentioned the need to spend on new highways, bridges, airports and the energy grid but couldn’t quite get a deal done in a divided Washington.

But with Republicans in charge of the White House, House and Senate, gridlock in no longer a roadblock.

Even Democratic House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi has come out and highlighted an infrastructure bill as something she feels could get done quickly with President Trump.

There’s no doubt that massive infrastructure spending will spur job growth, increase wages and spendable income, and likely drive earnings higher across multiple sectors.

The big issue now is how to pay for this spending.

Democrats have always wanted to raise taxes to help cover the costs…

Republicans want it paid for without tax increases…

And then there’s Mr. Trump’s preferred approach…

The “King of Debt” will go on a borrowing spree.

When it comes to building things, nobody knows how to do so using debt like Donald Trump.

He already told us during the campaign that he’ll have no concern issuing a massive amount of debt to pay for his spending plans. And this expected flood of long-term debt is what is drove bond prices down and caused a spike in yields the day after the election.

Investors lost $1 TRILLION in the week after the election as bond yields surged.

The 10-year Treasury yield rocketed from 1.8% on election day to 2.6% just one month later.

While higher bond yields sound great after a decade of low interest rates, investors need to be careful that this is all a massive head fake.

Let’s assume for a moment that Washington comes together and passes an infrastructure bill in excess of $1 trillion.

It won’t be a surprise to then to see public debt grow to over $20 trillion in the first year of a Trump administration, helping to hold bond yields in check thanks to a flood of new bonds being issued.

Trump Will Create a Dividend Bonanza

There is a second Trump promise that I think will get implemented quickly and this one could be a double shot of espresso that sends dividend stocks higher…

Tax reform.

Any Republican tax plan will certainly include tax cuts for corporations, including a big cut on the taxes corporations must pay to repatriated the $2.5 trillion in cash they are holding overseas.

When that happens, we will see a big chunk of that cash funneled into paying dividends. Higher dividends will make these stocks even more attractive, causing more investors to pour in.

It’s one more reason—despite the slight uptick in bond rates—that dividend growth stocks are still the #1 place to be if you want income.

So I want to give you immediate access to the strongest, safest and most profitable dividend stocks available.

CLICK HERE for your FREE Report! A 49$ valueThat’s why, in addition to giving you 150 F-rated stocks to sell now, my Special Report also gives you my top 150 A-rated dividend stocks.

You’ll find bigger yields—and some nice price appreciation to boot—in the top dividend stocks I want to share with you today.

I hand-selected these stocks and will share each and every name along with a full page of analysis.

150 best and 150 worst dividend stocks.

And I’m offering you this $99 report FREE today. (I’ll give you a private link to get instant access to your free copy in just a moment.)

Why? Because it’s the best way to put my new and incredibly powerful system in your hands today…

The Secret to Finding the
Best Income Stocks on the Planet

One year ago, I launched my newest service, Dividend Growth.

That I’m even talking about income still shocks many.

After all, ever since the New York Times called me “an icon among growth investors,” most investors think of me as a growth stock guy.

And it’s true that I’ve spent most of my career helping investors like you discover high quality growth stocks that can deliver market-beating return.

My other newsletter services—Blue Chip Growth, Emerging Growth and Ultimate Growth—are all meant to help investors like you find the best growth stocks on the planet.

But after years of readers asking me about income… and with the need for safe income investments so great in this difficult environment… and with the risks to income investors higher than I’ve seen in the last three decades, I knew I had to create a service just for income investors.

So my team and I spent the last several years perfecting a system for uncovering a safe stream of reliable income from high quality dividend paying stocks.

Our first step was to take our powerful Portfolio Grader system — which has helped us beat the market by a remarkable 3-to-1 over the last 18 years — and build a new version specifically for dividend stocks.

That’s how Dividend Grader was born.

Like Portfolio Grader, Dividend Grader puts each stock through a rigorous test, crunching reams of data against a proprietary set of criteria I’ve created. Its job is to pinpoint dividend stocks with the potential to deliver maximum yield with maximum safety.

The result is a simple A through F letter grade for more than 1,500 dividend stocks.

Get Superior Income, Safety and Profits

As I’m sure you can understand, I can’t reveal all the criteria and formulas behind my proprietary Dividend Grader. But let me tell you about a few requirements that every single stock I recommend must meet to get an A rating…

1. Dividend Growth stocks are dividend growers.

A whopping 88% of the stocks in my portfolio are proven dividend growers, meaning they are increasing their dividend.

(The few that aren’t are there for a special reason—like one that offers a hefty 11.6% yield.)

The dividend growers on my list have been increasing their dividends year after year for 7, 10, 14, even 46 years!

On average, they have been increasing their dividends year after year for almost ten years straight!

Not only is that great news because it means your dividend checks go up year after year after year, but it also means the stock is likely to outperform the market.

As you can see from the chart below, stocks that grow or initiate a dividend soundly beat stocks with no dividend payment, stocks that cut or eliminate a dividend and those with no change in their dividend.

chart: S&P 500 Stock Return by Dividend Category

Plus, Dividend Grader hones in on stocks with a strong history of or the potential to increase dividends in the future.

So unlike many income investments (like CDs, Treasuries, fix-rated bonds, etc.), these select dividend stocks give you the chance to increase your yield along the way.

2. Dividend Growth stocks have a record of steady, consistent dividends.

One of the first things I look for in a dividend stock is a strong history of consistent dividend payouts. A company must have at least two straight years of making consecutive quarterly payments to even be considered for Dividend Growth.

But our stocks blow that minimum away with an average of 9 consecutive years of payments.

3. Dividend Growth stocks offer you safe, reliable dividends.

Safe dividends that you can count on are paramount… no one wants to be surprised by a dividend cut or suspension. So we carefully analyze each company’s cash flow, earnings growth, payout ratio and more to make sure future dividend payouts aren’t at risk.

Think of all those big-name stocks I told you about earlier that are currently using more than 100% of their cash flow to pay dividends—General Electric, Pfizer, Exxon, Caterpillar…

That simply can’t last and it’s a red-flag that would immediately disqualify those stocks from getting an A rating or making it into our portfolio.

4. Dividend Growth stocks deliver market beating dividends.

The stocks I recommend in Dividend Growth will yield equal to or above the current average yield on the S&P500. Some will yield much more.

Our portfolio’s average yield is currently 49% higher than the S&P 500’s yield!

5. Dividend Growth stocks are growth powerhouses.

This service is called Dividend GROWTH for a reason.

Every single stock on my list is a dividend paying growth stock that’s delivering market-beating sales and earnings growth.

Safety is NOT found in owning low volatility stocks. It comes from owning superior growth stocks.

Most investors get this wrong.

They think they are playing it safe by owning traditional income stocks like utilities, telecoms and consumer stocks. But look at what’s happening to some of those supposedly safe stocks…

I just recommended my readers sell dividend darling AT&T. The stock pays a nice 4% yield, but the stock recently slipped to a C rating due to a weak 2017 outlook for both sales and earnings growth.

Kimberly Clark pays 3.14%—but the stock tanked 20% after missing earnings.

Duke Energy yields a handsome 4.38%, but the stock price has dropped 18%.

That’s not what I call safety.

Safety is owning superior dividend paying growth stocks that delivers total returns of 11%, 13%, 18%, 20%, even 48% in just one year!

Those are just a few examples of how our Dividend Growth stocks are doing. So you can see why my readers are so happy.

Here’s Our Secret Weapon

I know that safe, reliable, growing dividends are important to you, so for a stock to even be considered for Dividend Growth, it must meet these five criteria.

Then it must pass dozens of other tests in my proprietary systems to be awarded a coveted A rating from my Dividend Grader.

This alone will produce top-notch dividend stocks that most investors would love to own.

But not us. In order to be considered a candidate for our Dividend Growth buy list, I demand every stock make it through not one, but TWO tests…

You see, for any stock to make our recommended Dividend Growth list, it must make it through Dividend Grader with an A rating AND it must make it through our stringent Portfolio Grader gauntlet with an A rating.

When I was in college at Cal State Hayward, one of my professors gave me an assignment to create a model portfolio that would mimic the performance of the S&P 500.

I failed that assignment spectacularly. The problem? My model kept beating the S&P!

This was back in the late 1970s when everyone believed it was virtually impossible to beat the market without taking on excessive risk.

Conventional wisdom was that you might get lucky for a while, but no one could consistently beat the market.

Thankfully, my open-minded professors gave me unprecedented access to Wells Fargo’s mainframe computers to continue to build my stock selection models.

Remember, this was more than 30 years ago, before laptops and PCs!
I discovered that a select group of stocks consistently outperformed the S&P in my model. Through extensive analysis, I isolated the eight key characteristics that the best-performing stocks shared and developed a system for finding them.

And that’s how Portfolio Grader was born. This proprietary system scours dozens of fundamental and qualitative data points and identifies the very best blue chip growth stocks on the planet with remarkable success.

It has helped me beat the market by a remarkable 3-to-1 over the last 18 years.

No stock can make our Dividend Growth portfolio unless it earns an A rating from Portfolio Grader as well as an A rating from Dividend Grader.

That means every single stock I recommend will be AA rated. NO EXCEPTIONS.

That means you get an unprecedented level of safety and can sleep well at night owning the AA-rated stocks I recommend in Dividend Growth.

Triple Your Income AND
Sleep Well at Night with AA-Rated Stocks

Dividend Growth will bring you the crème de la crème among income stocks.

When you own dividend-paying stocks this strong, you can triple your income literally overnight.

When you own dividend stocks this strong, your income can outpace inflation.

When you own dividend stocks this strong (unlike bonds) your dividend payments can actually increase over time.

When you own dividend stocks this strong, you don’t ever again have to sacrifice capital loss to chase yield.

When you own dividend stocks this strong, you can stop worrying about the security of your income stream with rock-solid payments you can count on.

When you own dividend stocks this strong, you can actually beat the market AND pocket juicy yields!

I know that flies in the face of everything you’ve been told about income investing, but I’ve been putting Dividend Growth through its paces for the better part of a year and the results have been extraordinary.

Over the last 12 months, our AA rated Dividend Growth stocks have trounced the market all while delivering yields better than CDs, Treasuries and the S&P 500!

Extensive back-testing shows they have beat the market by a whopping 52%!

Let’s look at what that would mean for your pocket…

A $100,000 investment in these AA-rated dividend stocks over the last 12 years would be worth $318,540 today versus just $243,700 if you had invested in the S&P 500.

Chart: AA Rated Dividend Stocks Trounce the Market

So about that exclusive invitation I mentioned earlier…

Save 60% for a VERY Limited Time

Dividend Growth normally costs $199, but as we’ve just discussed, these aren’t normal times are they?

But with this invitation, you can join Dividend Growth for just $79. That’s an incredible 60% discount.

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When you take me up on this invitation, you’ll get immediate access to the 2017 Dividend Stocks Guide: 150 to Buy and 150 to Sell Now report I’ve been telling you about, plus two others I want you to have absolutely free:

CLICK HERE for your FREE Report! A 49$ valueSpecial Report #1: 2017 Dividend Stock Guide: 150 to Buy and 150 to Sell Now (a $99 value — Yours Free!)

I just ran my latest report and you’ll be shocked at some of the big-name dividend stocks that got tagged with my F rating. I urge you to get the list today and make sure you don’t own a single one of these risky stocks.

Plus, you’ll get 150 A-rated dividend stocks that passed my rigorous test.

After carefully reviewing every stock with an A rating from Dividend Grader, I chose these as the next best places for your money today.

If you are looking for dividend stocks beyond the AA-rated best buys I’m going to give you in our Dividend Growth Portfolio, then this report should be your first step.

CLICK HERE for your FREE Report! A 49$ valueSpecial Report #2: Juicy 5%–9% Yields with 10 Top Rated REIT & MLPs (a $49 value — Yours Free!).

I’m extremely concerned about investors who have taken big risks — often without realizing it—by chasing high yields in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships).

I get it… I really do. Faced with pathetic yields on CDs, money markets and short term Treasuries, it’s no wonder income investors are tempted by REITs and MLPs promising 8%, 12%, even 18% yields.

But those juicy yields can come at a huge cost.

For example, mortgage and debt-holding REITS are highly leveraged REITs and are incredibly sensitive to rising rates. Even a small 0.5% increase in rates can be enough to wipe out their profits entirely in the blink of an eye.

In fact, the last time interest rates spiked briefly in 2013, many of these REITs cut their dividends overnight.

And the danger is clear in MLPs as well — many of which are in the energy sector and have been demolished in the oil and gas collapse. Dozens have lost up to 40% of their underlying value — and some of the most popular are down as much as 90% from their highs!

And this is not an isolated problem — nearly 200 REITs and MLPs got tagged with a D- or F-rating in my latest analysis! You’ll find a list of many of them in your 2017 Dividend Ratings Guide list of 150 stocks to sell.

But in addition to telling you which of these risky investments to avoid, I want to help you meet that need for bigger payments. So I’ve also created a Special Report to help you uncover SAFE REITs and MLPs offering those juicy yields you are after.

You can get my full analysis in “Juicy 5%-9% Yields with 10 Top Rated REIT & MLPs.” Again, it’s yours free for a limited time with the private link I’m about to give you.

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Unlike bonds or Treasuries, your income stream from dividend stocks can increase year after year — if you invest in the right stocks. Get the names and my full analysis on 10 A-rated stocks that have a history of consistently raising their dividends.
As soon as we hear from you, we’ll also activate all of your other benefits, including:

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So now you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of dividends at risk in 2017. But do you know the warning signs that your dividend could be about to go up in smoke?

Of course, my 2017 Dividend Stock Guide will give you a list of the 150 troubled dividend stocks I’ve already identified for you. But I want to be sure you know the five warnings signs that the dividend on stocks you own could be at risk. Don’t get blindsided!

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My prediction for a dividend crisis last year didn’t just come true, it turned into a full-blown dividend disaster with 1 in 5 dividend stocks cutting payments to investors like you…

A record number of companies are paying out more in dividends than the cash they are bringing in…

We’ve seen more dividend cuts in a 12-month period than we’ve seen since the Great Recession.

Button: RSVP Now Save 60%These powerful forces have converged to create a dividend crisis that will continue to pose a very dangerous situation for income investors in the months ahead.

But you can boost your income AND sleep well at night with Dividend Growth, knowing you are invested in top-notch AA rated dividend paying stocks.

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