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For more than 25 years, Hilary Kramer has been on the front lines of Wall Street working for some of the biggest Wall Street firms and managing money for some of the world’s wealthiest families and institutions.

Hilary’s insight and prescient ability to identify GameChanging stocks ahead of the Wall Street herd made her a darling of the financial Media.

Great GameChanging Calls:

"First Solar’s technology is the clear winner," Nightly Business Report, September 2007. Eight months later First Solar is up 216%!

"Baidu stands to be the clear hands-down market leader." Nightly Business Report, November 2006. One year later, Baidu is up 370%!

"Teva will be a leader," BusinessWeek, April 2002. Two years later Teva is up 140%.

"RIMM is the clear leader with no close second," Fox News, August 2003. 58 months later, RIMM is up 3,200%!

And now Hilary Kramer wants to work for YOU!

During my 25 years on Wall Street, I created a systematic approach to pinpointing GameChangers before they break out to become five, even ten-baggers.

As a hedge fund manager, I used this approach to make tens of millions of dollars for some of the wealthiest investors in America. It’s the same way I built my personal wealth, retiring at age 37 with enough money to last a lifetime.

Now, I’m bringing GameChangers to investors like you.

At a recent investment conference, someone asked me, “Hilary, if you are so good at making money, why do you need to launch a newsletter service rather than just retiring?”

Fair question. I launched GameChangers because I love the thrill of the hunt -- there is nothing (besides my kids) more exhilarating than watching your stock go up 22% in one day, 60% in one week or 200% in a year!

I launched GameChangers because quite frankly, I’m darn good at uncovering companies that have the potential to be the next Google or Amazon or Apple.

But most importantly, I started GameChangers because I know that investing in these GameChanging stocks can deliver stunning profits that can truly change your life -- they did mine. And I want to help as many investors as possible rack up big investing profits and enjoy the freedom that money can bring.

Join Today and I Promise:


Your money will be in the hands of the best and brightest. All business, it is said, is people business. It takes people to imagine, people to calculate risk, people to execute, people to buy. Not chips, not Excel spreadsheets, not hype. Even the best plans are useless without personal vision and compelling leadership. I have spent a lifetime with CEOs. Still do. Believe me, talent is the name of the game. Talent creates value, and value drives stock price. Enough said.


You will multiply your money two, five, even twenty times. You’ll be in companies that are the fastest-growing, most innovative winners in the world. I call these companies “GameChangers” because they upset the applecart, steal a competitive advantage and make stakeholders rich. From an IPO at $220 million market cap to $23 billion market cap. That was Starbucks 15 years ago. Quite a ride. And lots more where that came from in today’s top GameChangers.


YOU are my boss. I answer only to you, and either my advice helps you make money or you fire me without a second thought. Accountability is my game. Tell me how I’m doing, tell me what you want, tell me what I missed. But tell me. Here’s my email:


You will be protected. The Wall Street hype machine puts Hollywood to shame. Brokers are (mostly) PR agents, and reporters should have to wear pom-poms because, after all, they’re just cheerleaders for the market. I put the best analysis (my own, since it is the only one I trust) in front of you and call it the way the numbers show it. I make not losing money my Job #1.


You will create truly life-changing wealth in about 30 minutes a week. This is MY full time job, not yours. Tracking down GameChangers is a thrill, I admit. Really: Who wants to watch a GE finagle a spare penny out of this quarter’s earnings when you could be doubling your money (again) with Apple? So I promise you fun, but also I promise to make it easy to understand our strategy and follow my advice so you can spend your time enjoying life, not managing your investments.

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