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By Hilary Kramer
Editor, Value Authority

Hilary Kramer: The

If you’re wary of market volatility… I understand. But IF you know the right stocks to pick… you can start piling up a steady stream of double-digit wins in your portfolio… regardless of how the market is doing.

I can show you how to get this steady stream of double-digit wins so you can invest worry-free. You’ll no longer fear looming threats to the market, like… oil prices, drama in Washington, or the Fed’s latest interest rate threat.

Why not?

Because our exclusive value investing formula is conservative enough to keep your money safe — while still creating a stream of double-digit wins in your portfolio during ANY market conditions.

New Twist on the Proven
Value Investing Formula Delivered Big Gains in 2016:

Despite the volatile market environment in 2016, my Value Authority strategy handed investors 22 winning investments… and 17 of them were double-digit gainers! Here’s a look at some of our wins in 2016:

  • 33.7% Gain from St. Jude Medical
  • 26.0% Gain from Goldman Sachs
  • 20.6% Gain from Zimmer Biomet
  • 19.1% Gain from Cisco Systems
  • 17.0% Gain from Johnson & Johnson
  • 14.1% Gain from Crane
  • 13.6% Gain from Qualcomm
  • 13.4% Gain from 3M
  • 13.3% Gain from ABB
  • 13.1% Gain from Carnival Corp.
  • 11.9% Gain from Sanmina
  • 11.8% Gain in Genesco
  • 11.4% Gain from PNC Financial
  • 10.9% Gain in Dollar General

If you’re not getting at least 10 double-digit winners each and every year using a steady, conservative investing approach that will allow you to sleep well at night… let’s get to know each other and use multiple double-digit gainers to create substantial wealth together.

For example, in 2015 I handed investors 14 double-digit wins… even though the markets kept crashing. And 2016 was another profitable year — just check out the box to the right for the full scoop.

Now, I know, value investing is not popular and exciting. But if you’re banking double-digit winners month in and month out, do you really care how sexy the stocks are?

By using one simple, little-used statistic, you and I are going to grab 10 double-digit wins in the next 12 months — guaranteed.

But I’m getting ahead of things. I should introduce myself.

I’m Hilary Kramer. They call me…

The Retirement
Millionaire Maker

My goal for you — as it is for each of my investors — is to retire with a portfolio of one million dollars or more.

Now, if you believe that’s impossible for you to do, let me assure you of something:

You’re not the first person to tell me that. But I have to tell you — there’s no magic about it.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve almost dragged across the 7-figure finish line, astonished that they made it.

I’m talking about the many who thought they were some sort of special case. That it couldn’t happen to them.

I’ll tell you the same thing I told them: In this respect, you’re not special. Follow my proven plan, and you can be a millionaire in 5 years.

Let me show you how it works:

Start with a mere $10,000 investing account. I’ll give you 10 double-digit wins every 12 months, guaranteed.

If you reinvest your wins — you’ll have more than a million dollars at the end of five years. $1,173,908.53, to be exact.

And you and I will do this safely and conservatively, with simple value stock plays. No options, no Forex, nothing weird…

Just solid returns that will build your wealth. Here’s what I mean:

Every 12 months, you get 10 more double-digit wins, like clockwork… which should make you over a million dollars in just five years.

It’s a rock-solid, proven plan. You don’t need any other.

The only question should be at this point…

Can I Actually Deliver 10 Safe, Conservative
Double-Digit Wins Each Year?

My answer: Yes.

And remember, 10 double-digit gains is a minimum...

Despite a volatile 2016, my Value Authority readers locked in 17 double-digit gains. And in 2015, our first full year publishing Value Authority, I handed investors 14 double-digit wins… even though the markets kept crashing.

Why They Call Me "The
Retirement Millionaire Maker"

Truthfully, I didn’t grow up with much money. I watched my family struggle… as well as many of my friends.

Not surprisingly, I grew up looking for ways to escape living hand-to-mouth. I realized early on that making money was the way to a better life.

So I vowed to learn all I could. I read the financial columns in the news. I checked out books on the stock market from the library.

Everything came together for me when I was old enough to go to college and get a degree in finance.

I worked hard, and graduated from Wharton Business School… and was recruited to work for capital markets for firms like Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

Still, my big-money bosses and our hundred-million dollar clients really didn’t impress me. I wanted to help individual investors like my family… like the people I grew up with… people like you… to burst through the 7-figure barrier.

Not to help my uber-rich clients pocket even more millions.So where did this focus get me with my peers on Wall Street?

Ridiculed, that’s where. They made fun of me, still in my 20s, and telling everyone I wanted to help Mom and Pop investors. And truthfully, at that innocent age, just out of school, I felt more like a cheerleader than a Hedge Fund Trader.

The stuffed-shirts on Wall Street laughed at me and tagged me with the name: "The Retirement Millionaire Maker."

They thought I was wasting time by helping individual investors secure their golden years and I should instead concentrate on making the Big Money even bigger.

But when I made my first million at age 30, they stopped laughing… and started listening.

It wasn’t long before I made enough millions for myself to retire many times over. And I’d lost track of how many millionaires I’d made along the way.

Now, it’s my turn to do it for you!

Now, you may be wondering, what was I doing before all of this?

Good question.

And I’ve got a good answer:

I was working as a private money manager, managing over $5 billion in private funds. And I was blessed with the ability to do it well.

But to be blunt, I was getting weary of Wall Street. After years of creating new millionaires, choking on the cigar-filled air of trading rooms, and amassing a personal fortune… I finally had enough.

You can get the full scoop in the box to the right.

Sufficient to say, now it was my turn. I was ready to retire to a tropical island, live in my bikini, and do some serious work on my tan.

But I found it hard to just walk away…

The media was showering me with attention. And this opened up even more doors for me to help the people I always wanted to work with: individual investors.

So I decided to stay put in the financial world. Just not on Wall Street.

By publishing what I’d normally be doing for the big money people, I’m helping individual investors cross the 7-figure threshold.

And I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

In fact, each time I help an individual investor make it, I think of my Dad. And how much easier his life would have been if only he knew what I know now…

Which brings me back to today. I want you to be the next investor I help to become a new millionaire. Why?

Because that’s when you have a fully-funded retirement. And you’ll never have to worry about money, ever again.

So it tickles me to see an individual investor gain seven-figure status. I know that — for many of them — they’re now set for life.

That’s why, when you see me on Fox Business, CNN Money, or CNBC, I’m talking about how to help individual investors.

Hilary Giving Investing Advice On MarketWatchIt’s the same with MarketWatch.com, and Forbes.com.


My loyalty to Main Street runs deep, but my loyalty to underdogs like my Dad runs even deeper. And I feel the same about any individual investor out there who feels like the system is stacked against them.

Which leads me right back to one single strategy… as it’s perfectly suited for any individual investor out there.

You may want to know exactly…

How We’re Going to Get 10 Double-Digit Wins
Over the Next 12 Months

I’ve found some simple, yet powerful statistics.

And I’ve had tons of success using them to find undervalued stocks. Stocks that are underpriced. Stocks that have the potential to be big winners, and skyrocket in the immediate future.

The six simple statistics I use to test these stocks have been etched upon my mind throughout my career, helping to guide almost every investment and trade I’ve made.

Click here to get your FREE reportAnd I’ve distilled its lessons into a special research report that shows you how I find safe, conservative, yet high-profit stocks to invest in.

I call it Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich!

Between its covers, I’ll share my most intimate money-making secrets with you.

Now, these “moneyball” stocks are “value” plays. The double-digit returns you’ll get from these moneyball plays aren’t as sexy as an occasional big triple-digit home run…

But they’ll get you on base more often. A steady stream of double-digit wins will score you more total profits, too.

Plus, when you add the magic of reinvesting your profits… you become incredibly rich much more quickly than you may imagine.

Over a million dollars in just five years — starting with a mere $10,000 — and not adding another cent.

See how my proven strategy uses value investing in a powerful way? It’s all inside my report Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich!

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s PROOF That Value Stocks Beat
Flashier Growth Stocks

Here’s proof that my safe-and-steady value stocks beat the flashier style growth stocks:

Let’s pick a long timeframe for a fair comparison. From January 1994 to January 2013, we saw three major collapses, and many major rallies.

During that time, the Russell Value Index returned about 21% higher than the Russell Growth Index.

High Praise From
Financial Pros

“A one-woman financial powerhouse…”

— Financial Times

“Hilary Kramer makes picking stocks as easy as 1-2-3.”

— Jennifer Openshaw, Author of The Millionaire Zone

“Hilary Kramer’s insightful perspectives on the markets and what may be the ’next big thing’ have never been more timely and important to a broad base of Americans.”

— Ken and Daria Dolan, cohosts of The Dolans nationally syndicated radio show

Now, I’ll take a 21% raise any day.

Value plays are like a master playing chess. Growth plays are like playing the lottery.

But let’s take it a step further. If we look inside the indexes, and pick out the stocks with the most potential, and catch them before they trend up…

We can beat growth investors hand-over-fist.

Just ask Warren Buffett. He’s made billions doing just that his entire career — using value plays for low-risk wins.

And when I give you my $97 value special report for FREE — Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich! — you’ll have an easy way to find the exact plays I invest in.

You’ll make money. For example, one of my members, Murphy, wrote he was making good gains “… a short time, but am already up approx. 32% on the stocks I’m in.”

Another member, Len S. wrote to tell me how he “loaded up” on profits:

…I ‘loaded up’ at $5.22 and sold a few months later at $9.70. That’s an 85% profit in 3 1/2 months (in dollar terms, I made over $22,000)! Thank you, Hilary!

Click here to get your FREE reportThat’s the kind of investments you can make, too, when you have a proven formula for picking value stocks, like what’s in my report Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich!

Now I want to point out that these two people are not members of my Value Authority advisory. My Value Authority service is brand new — and is accepting new members.

Hilary KramerI used a slightly different strategy with the members I’m quoting above. That strategy borrows heavily from Value Authority, but it’s not as conservative as Value Authority is.

Besides, the Value Authority strategy is a pure “value investing” strategy.

I’ll expose a little secret: the strategy used in Value Authority — is the strategy that put me on the map. This strategy uses six simple stats that have been the foundation of nearly every investment I made as a $5 billion fund manager.

I’ve used these six stats to make millionaires out of people you’d never believe could make one single cent.

I used them to make my first million at age 30, and many more millions for myself by the age of 37.

And I’ve used them to make many millions for others, since.

And now, I want it to make you a million dollars, too. It’s what I do. And quite frankly, I can do it for you because I’ve done it for so many others…

So why not you?

The truth is, the simple stats you’ll discover in Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich! have been my bread-and-butter throughout my career…

You’ll be able to use them with ease.

These are six little-known, simple stats you can use together to “get on base” with a constant string of double-digit gains, made from digging out overlooked, undervalued stocks.

And you don’t have to be a math whiz, either.

About three minutes with a calculator can give you all you need to know on any one stock.

The numbers in Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich! report is mostly plain old multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

There’s nothing “secret” about that.

But what’s secret is the combination of the six statistics I use to dig out hidden gems in the market…

Like I said… these six stats work together to discover overlooked, undervalued stocks that the big-boys on Wall Street don’t know about yet.

And I also said… these stats are how I find winners — and separate them from the losers.

That’s my whole strategy, in a nutshell.

Again… It’s not as sexy as swinging for the fences with every pitch.

But you won’t strike out as much.

You’ll get much richer, much faster with low-risk, conservative, double-digit wins than taking on risky investments with big losses.

So Now You Have a Choice...

You’re in control here. Because you know I’ve made countless clients and followers millionaires with a unique combination of statistics…

Which means you can take my report, and use it to make a fortune.

Click here to get your FREE reportOr, you can save yourself the research, and just take my recommendations… the recommendations I use, based on the same six secret and simple stats.

It’s your choice. I don’t really mind, either way, just as long as you win. And win big.

And all you have to do to get your free copy of Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich is to…

Claim Your Membership to:
Hilary Kramer’s Value Authority!

My passion has been to help individual investors achieve wealth... and more importantly, the financial freedom that comes along with it.

That’s why today, I’m making it possible for you to join me... put me to the test... and let me help you make the same outrageous sums of money I’ve made for my other investors.

Even if…

…you’re afraid stocks are too risky, and you could lose money (We use a conservative strategy that protects your money while growing it into double-digit returns.)

…you don’t know what stocks are good investments (I recommend high-value stocks for you that are rising in price.)

… you’ve never made money in stocks before (As you’ve seen, with my record, you and I are about to turn that around forever!)

….you’re afraid of market crashes (This simple strategy works whether markets boom OR bust.)

…you’re starting on a shoestring (You and I can grow even a tiny account quickly.)

In the next 10 minutes, you’ll see how you and I can make each and every one of these promises become realities.

You get only specially selected low risk, high return ground-floor game-changing picks… so you’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

Let me reveal what I’ve got for you in your test-drive of Value Authority:

  • Monthly Issues of Hilary’s Value Authority: You’ll never invest alone as a member of Value Authority. I keep in touch with you each issue, with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.
  • Mid-Month Updates: You’ll receive an email with my thoughts on the market, our stocks and any adjustments we need to make to our Buy List.
  • Flash Alerts: When breaking news impacts our stocks or strategy, I notify you immediately by email. No waiting around until the opportunity passes you by. Also, should a market crash show up on the horizon — I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.Click here to get your FREE report
  • Your FREE copy of my just-released special report, Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich! This report contains the six simple statistics that I use to identify safe, conservative, yet highly profitable value stocks — it’s yours FREE!

With all these tools,

Finally, Financial Independence
Is Within Your Grasp!

I absolutely love what I’m doing.

And now you get to reap the benefits.

I want to make sure you get the same share of the pie I’ve helped so many others get. Because I’m still in love with Main Street America.

Not those empty suits on Wall Street. Or the financial talking heads.

Those are the types of people I could easily charge thousands of dollars a year for my recommendations.

But to be blunt, if I liked working with those kinds of people, I’d still be with them.

Still, I’ve wanted to keep Value Authority within everyone’s reach. In particular, my people’s reach. The individual investor. So not even a thousand dollars a year will get my advice into the hands of the people I want to help.

And sure, some may say for 10 double-digit wins in the next 12 months — even a high price like $500 a year would be a bargain.

These people would say $500 is entirely affordable… because they’d be able to pay their membership fee from their first month’s wins.

Yet you won’t even pay that. If you are willing to act within the next 48 hours, you can get everything above…

A bundle well worth $500 a year…

…for a tiny fraction of that price.

Now, you can become a member. And get a deeply discounted price. After that, we could charge $399 for this service.

Yet for the next 48 hours only, I’m going to knock a whopping $350 off the retail price of Value Authority!

PLUS I’m throwing in my $197 value research report, “Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich!” ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That means you’ll pay a mere $49 for one full year of service.

Let me assure you: This membership is the absolute lowest price we’ll ever offer!

That’s why it is only available for the next 48 hours.

Just $49 a year?

That’s a ridiculously low 14 cents a day — for ground-floor mega-trend value investments that can change your life.

You can’t even get a piece of bubblegum for 14 cents any more. But you CAN get rich with Value Authority.

However, you only have 48 hours to get this deep discount. But you can lock in this low membership price if you click the button below NOW:

Claim your test-drive NOW!

This can be a home run for you if you act now! And...

With My “Triple Guarantee”

Guarantee #1 — 10 NEW Double-Digit Winners In The Next 12 Months:

Claim your membership to Value Authority. Make sure you pocket 10 NEW double-digit winners in the next 12 months, just like I PROMISED you would. Track your earnings. Put them under a microscope.

Guarantee #2 — 100% Satisfaction:

You must agree Value Authority meets or exceeds your expectations in every way. You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership. Plain and simple.

Guarantee #3 — Lifetime Satisfaction:

If for any reason — any reason at all — you wish to cancel your membership, I will INSIST you accept an IMMEDIATE refund on the balance of your membership — NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And we’ll still be friends.

Bottom line: your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

Plus, you get to keep all of the special reports, all of your wins, and any bonuses — with my compliments.

So please don’t hesitate — not even for a second. Click the button below to join Value Authority now, before this offer times out:

Claim your test-drive NOW!

Which reminds me —

There Is A Catch…

Remember earlier, I said this offer was only open for 48 hours?photo of Hilary Kramer

Well, my publisher is dead set on that deadline.

After that time, this amazing $350 savings will be gone.

Please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you’ll make during ANY market — without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when our undervalued stocks gain their fair market price.

I think you‘ll agree — this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

But the clock’s ticking.

At just 14 cents a day, this opportunity is just too good to pass up. That’s why I’m inviting you to join me now.

Go ahead. Join me. Click the button below, risk free:

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Yours for Bigger Profits More Often,

Hilary Kramer
Editor, Value Authority

P.S. It’s time for you to stop waiting for returns… and pocket a guaranteed 10 double-digit winners in the next 12 months.

But this offer expires in just 48 hours. Claim your risk-free trial now!

Claim your test-drive NOW!

P.P.S. Value Authority will give you a proven profitable method that will overcome every fear you have of investing in ANY market while handing you lifelong financial independence with a steady stream of double-digit wins! Don’t wait a moment longerlet me help you get started today!


Introducing My Brand-New 
Value Authority Service -- Try It for Just $49 fo rthe Next 48 Hours

88% OFF-Sign Up NOW!Yes, Hilary!I want to profit from your low-risk, high-return value investing strategy today. Sign me up so that I can start profiting from safe and consistent double-digit winners no matter what direction the market takes!

Your membership includes:

Your FREE copy of my just-released Special Report: Moneyball Stocks: Six Simple Statistics That Can Make You Rich! This report contains the six simple statistics that I use to identify safe, conservative, yet highly profitable value stocks — it’s yours FREE!

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeMonthly Issues of Hilary’s Value Authority: You’ll never invest alone as a member of Value Authority. I keep in touch with you each issue, with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.

Mid-Month Updates: You’ll receive an email mid-month with my thoughts on the market, our stocks and any adjustments we need to make to our Buy List.

Flash Alerts: When breaking news impacts our stocks or strategy, I notify you immediately by email. No waiting around until the opportunity passes you by. Also, should a market crash show up on the horizon — I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.

For the Next 48 Hours:
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