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Smart car buyers go to a source like the Kelley Blue Book to determine the fair value of an auto before buying. Makes sense.

With thousands of cars on the market and every conceivable extra, who could possible know the fair value of a car before buying? Only a professional would know that answer!

Now with over 200,000 different stock options trading every day you have the same daunting task. How can you ever know the fair or true value of a stock option before making a trade?

It is possible — the price of an option is affected by dozens of factors but you can determine the fair and true value of your potential trade by scientific formula — in ADVANCE.

Not only can you can trade options scientifically but you can make BIG MONEY.

You see the price of a stock option can be determined by scientific formula and when you combine that formula with the sound science of statistics you can get a real, measurable edge on the options markets which can translate into MONSTER PROFITS.

The Basics

Option Master® Deluxe is designed to help you determine whether a stock, index or futures option is fairly priced, and to determine whether an option is over- or underpriced.

It allows you to select the best option for a stock, commodity or index such as the S&P 100 Index, and does this by evaluating all of the options for that index, determining what their fair price should be.

And best of all you do NOT need access to an expensive data base, incurring high telephone charges, or buying additional hardware.

Just a few easy entries into Option Master® Deluxe allows you to determine the fair price for a whole set of options. And it’s so easy to use that within a few minutes you can evaluate all the options for a whole series of stocks, indexes or commodities.

Why Should You Care About Pricing?

Price is EVERYTHING in the options market.

If you think you can fool or outwit professional market makers you are dead wrong and about to be separated from your money.

There is nothing that you know about an option that the professional hasn't already discovered hours if not days before you. The pros already know about stock splits and pending earnings reports.

They also know about pending take overs. And they have already priced this information into the price of stocks options. You are not going to beat them at this game.

But you can beat the pros at the pricing game when you use the same trading tools to determine the fair and true value of a stock option.

When you buy a cheap or underpriced options you have succeeded in two critical ways:

  1. You will ALWAYS have smaller losses and
  2. When you profit you will ALWAYS have bigger percentage gains. ALWAYS!

The Value of Precise Information

Unless you know if an option is truly a bargain (underpriced or fairly priced) you cannot win!

Bargain hunters who consider price first and foremost are the ones who consistently win the options game.

This is exactly how the option market makers trade — they know the fair and true value of an option — IN ADVANCE.

Options market professionals ALWAYS use pricing formulas and they are constantly on the lookout for underpriced and overpriced options.

So it makes sense that YOU need an options pricing formula that gives you that insider`s edge.

Option Master® Deluxe does this. It helps you determine whether a stock or index option is over- or underpriced, stacking the odds in your favor when you buy or sell options.

And, get this: Option Master also calculates your probability of profit! That means you will know your chances of profit even before you enter the trade.

Knowing probability of profit further reduces your risk, letting you trade options objectively, just like the pros do.

This is no pie-in-the-sky trading system but a sound software program based on statistics and options trading science.

Ken’s years of research, computer-simulated trading and the actual market experience helped create this program.

It’s Incredibly Easy

Below is a snapshot of the main Option Master® Deluxe screen. In the left column the program defaults to the current date — or you may set any date yourself.

Also in the left column you select the expiration month and year — do any term you choose — including LEAPs.

In the right column you enter the current stock price of the option you are considering to trade. Then enter the strike price, the volatility and finally the interest rate of the 10 year bond.

Once you've entered the data you'll click "Put" or "Call" depending on the type of trade you want to make. Practically instantly you'll see the critical trading information in the lower right area called "Message Box".

Now you simply compare this fair price to the real trading price of the option. If you're looking to buy an option and it's undervalued you may have a good trade. Remember you always want to buy low (cheaply) and sell for maximum profit. Option Master® Deluxe gives you the pricing model you need to accomplish this.

Option Master® Deluxe also works for selling options — but when selling you'll want to sell overpriced options only.

More Screens

You get more. When you click on "Calculate" or Extras" you'll get the stock simulator, percentage to double screen, volatility and everything else listed here. It's amazing, it's a lot. And it is exactly the type of trading tool professional trader’s use every minute of their trading life.

Plus… you can calculate straddles… spreads… LEAPs… short terms speculations… covered calls and more.

More good news!

Just a few simple entries into the program enables you to easily evaluate all options for a whole series of stocks within a few minutes.

Option Master® Deluxe does all this for you:

Option Master® Deluxe also has these features…

You’ll also receive two more important features found nowhere else:

If you’re serious about making money in options, you can’t afford to be without Option Master® Deluxe.

This software is not compatible for Mac computers.

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Simply enter a few numbers and you'll quickly discover the fair price of options, the probability of profit and much more. This software is not compatible for Mac computers.
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