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My name is Ken Trester, and I’ve successfully traded options since many of today’s Wall Street “hot-shots” were in diapers. I’ve been bankrolling my lifestyle this way since the CBOE and Options Clearing Corp were created way back in 1973.

And I’ve been helping traders like you duplicate my success for some four decades now.

So please, get your calendar and...

Mark every Friday up just like this:


Those five dollar signs represent the 5 explosive trades I deliver to members of Power Options Weekly every Friday. All of them easy-to-execute options offered by any broker.

If you had gotten in already, you could be enjoying staggering gains like:

$$$$$ 131% gains trading options in Caterpillar (CAT)

$$$$$ 100% gains trading options in Norfolk Southern (NSC)

$$$$$ 167% gains trading options in Harley Davidson (HOG)

$$$$$ 100% gains trading options in Sony Corp (SNE)

$$$$$ 214% gains trading options in Northrup Grumman (NOC)

$$$$$ 400% gains trading options in Best Buy (BBY)

$$$$$ 957% gains trading options in Atlanta Power (AT); plus many more

Insane? No, just the unvarnished TRUTH.

So, how do I do it?

Think of it this way. When you’re shopping for a new sports car, you don’t pounce on the first fire-engine red Corvette you see. Right?

You consult, Car And Driver or the Kelley Blue Book to get an edge on the seller. You rely on a professional to give you an idea of true market value!

Same thing in the options world. With the potential for over 255 million different stock options traded daily, you face a daunting task.

But I’m here to confirm, once and for all, that it is possible to pinpoint the fair and true value of your selected trade by scientific formula — in ADVANCE.

It’s like ‘stacking your odds’…

By knowing the probability of profit upfront, you reduce your risk. Automatically, that lets you keep a laser-like focus and trade options objectively, just like the pros do.

That’s why I rely on technology to perform the calculations. All of the secrets I’ve learned since 1973 are programmed into my proprietary system that’s come to be known as…

The Power Options Weekly
Surveillance System

My surveillance system scours the market and determines which options are fairly priced… overpriced… or most importantly, HUGELY UNDERPRICED. Only those on deep discount catch my eye.

You see, price is EVERYTHING in the options market.

Professional market makers know nearly everything about an underlying stock days before you get to it. Stock splits… upcoming earnings… possible takeovers. All these variables are baked into the price.

But you can beat the pros at their own game.

The secret? Using the same trading tools to determine the fair and true value of a stock option!

When you buy a cheap or underpriced option, you immediately give yourself the insider’s edge:

1) You will ALWAYS have smaller losses, and

2) When you profit, you will almost ALWAYS enjoy bigger percentage gains.

You’re very welcome!

5 trades emailed right to
your inbox every Friday…

You’re on the cusp of making a quantum leap in your investing career.

On Friday:

I personally review the Surveillance output late on Thursday... then I apply my own proprietary filter before issuing my 5 trades every Friday during pre-market hours.

That’s right. Only the Top 5 make it through — out of 255 million actively traded options!

Just as important — the Surveillance System sets targets for getting out of your positions.

When we have profits on the board, the risk/reward picture is fully evaluated by the Power Options Weekly team of experts to determine whether we should capture those gains for instant gratification or whether it’s better to wait until a target is hit.

When a trade has significant profits of 50% or higher, all the factors are reviewed to decide if it’s the ideal time to take your profits off the table. You’ll never go wrong by taking profits early. So, we’ve got you covered there too.

To get my next 5 trades — delivered by email on Friday — join me now at Power Options Weekly at a low, low introductory price. PLUS...


I’m very confident of the value you’ll find at Power Options Weekly.

Not just in winning trades, but also in the knowledge you’ll gain from my 40+ years in the business. I feel so strongly about this that I have an exceptional offer for you today.

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In fact, you get 3 weeks free!

Pay just $19.95 for your first month of service. Your other 3 weeks — all 15 trades — are on me. And, of course, you can cancel at any time, for any reason — there’s no ongoing obligation.

Good deal?

You bet it is!


At Power Options Weekly,
we make money FAST

In fact, we never hold any trade longer than 3 weeks. I abhor dead money. That’s why I keep our money working for us, always tracking our next winning trades.

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Then on Friday, I’ll dispatch my 5 strongest, most profit-packed trades for the week. Straight to your in-box!


signed: Ken Trester

Ken Trester
Editor, Power Options Weekly

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Get 15 FREE Trades and claim your Profit Bonanza every Friday

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