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My FREE stock-rating tool, Portfolio Grader, puts you in control of your investments.

Portfolio Grader, my proprietary stock-rating tool and my powerful secret to consistently finding market-beating growth stocks, puts 5,000+ Wall Street stocks -- including those in your portfolio right now -- through 8 fundamental tests and provides bottom-line analysis in simple letter-grade ratings from A (strong buy) to F (strong sell).

By harnessing the power of Portfolio Grader, not only will you side-step the troubled companies that could take your portfolio by surprise, you’ll find market-beating stocks to boost your portfolio.

See for yourself -- sign up now for FREE 24/7 unlimited access to Portfolio Grader and take 60 seconds to rate a handful of your favorite stocks now.

Over the Last 10 Years,
Our A-Rated Stocks Have Gained 1,666%

I know you have a lot of investing tools at your disposal, but I promise you that Portfolio Grader is the one that’s going to make a real difference to your portfolio returns.

Here’s the proof: If you had $100,000 to invest in stocks 10 years ago, and you put half of that money in A-rated stocks and the other half in F-rated stocks, the A-rated half of your portfolio would have grown to $883,000, while you would have LOST 82% of the F-rated half.

So you see, while the letter grades may appear “elementary” at first glance, let me tell you there’s a lot of powerful mathematical analysis behind these grades. We don’t just snap our fingers to generate the figure behind this grade. It’s part of my exclusive quantitative formula for stock analysis. Something I’m renowned for on Wall Street for over 30 years now.

But all you really need to know is this: For 13 years now, I’ve helped individual investors beat the market by a minimum of 3-to-1. You can beat the market 3-to-1 in the next 12 months too, simply by using my exclusive stock-rating tool to help you screen stocks.

It’s easy-to-use, it’s incredibly powerful… and it’s FREE.

Rate your stocks now. You have nothing to lose by giving
Portfolio Grader a try!

Remember, it's  yours FREE.

Meet Louis Navellier America’s #1—Ranked Investment Advisor
For over 13 years, Louis Navellier has helped investors get rich. His time-tested approach has not only beaten the S&P 500 by $3 to $1 but also double investors’ money countless times in his individual recommendations.

What’s more, his successes have made him one of the top money managers in the world as well -- with over $3 billion under his direct control.

So it’s no wonder that his Blue Chip Growth advisory service has grown to be one of the largest and most widely read advisories in the world, with thousands of readers in dozens of countries.

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